2018-02-06 Alangi DerickFix sessionfailure i18n message during authentication
2018-01-21 jenkins-botMerge "Use HTTPS instead of HTTP for caniuse.com"
2018-01-21 ReedyUpdate RunningStat use statement
2018-01-21 ReedyUpdate WrappedString use statements
2018-01-21 ReedyUpdate IPSet use statements
2018-01-21 ReedyUpdate RelPath calls
2018-01-21 jenkins-botMerge "Bypass wfGetDB when LoadBalancer is used in...
2018-01-21 FomafixUse HTTPS instead of HTTP for caniuse.com
2018-01-20 James D. ForresterFollow-up 95e7c545: Fix .gitattributes file line truncation
2018-01-20 jenkins-botMerge "Change "Special:近易" to "Special:監修" in zh-classical"
2018-01-20 UmherirrenderBypass wfGetDB when LoadBalancer is used in scope
2018-01-20 WMDE-FischReplace deprecated wfGetLB() calls here and there
2018-01-20 Thiemo MättigUpdate UserSaveOptions/UserSaveSettings hook descriptions
2018-01-20 ReedyAdd abstract functions to abstract class..
2018-01-20 Translation... Localisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
2018-01-20 jenkins-botMerge "Remove unused SpecialPasswordReset::$passwords"
2018-01-20 jenkins-botMerge "Fix variable name to match code"
2018-01-20 jenkins-botMerge "Remove 2 unused private fields from ApiFormatBase"
2018-01-20 jenkins-botMerge "Remove User::$mGroups"
2018-01-20 FomafixSpecial:Upload: Use user interface language for error...
2018-01-20 UmherirrenderConfigFactory: Improve error message for invalid callback
2018-01-20 MaxSemMerge "Update wikimedia dependencies"
2018-01-20 jenkins-botMerge "mediawiki.Uri: Don't double-escape fragments"
2018-01-20 jenkins-botMerge "Localize namespaces to inh"
2018-01-20 Max SemenikRemove unused SpecialPasswordReset::$passwords
2018-01-20 Max SemenikFix variable name to match code
2018-01-20 Max SemenikRemove 2 unused private fields from ApiFormatBase
2018-01-20 Max SemenikRemove User::$mGroups
2018-01-19 Roan Kattouwmediawiki.Uri: Don't double-escape fragments
2018-01-19 jenkins-botMerge "Follow-up 5aea96df: Add release notes for File...
2018-01-19 jenkins-botMerge "Move standard tar ignores to .gitattributes...
2018-01-19 RazeSoldierFollow-up 5aea96df: Add release notes for File SHA1...
2018-01-19 jenkins-botMerge "Move methods for handling external usernames...
2018-01-19 ReedyUpdate wikimedia dependencies
2018-01-18 James D. ForresterPHPVersionCheck: PHP 5.5.0 is no longer supported by...
2018-01-18 jenkins-botMerge "Test HHVM LTS versions 3.21 and 3.24 on travis"
2018-01-18 Chad HorohoeMove standard tar ignores to .gitattributes so `git...
2018-01-18 jenkins-botMerge "Fix phpdoc since $proto can be int"
2018-01-18 Translation... Localisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
2018-01-18 Stanislav MalyshevFix phpdoc since $proto can be int
2018-01-18 Amir SarabadaniMove methods for handling external usernames to a dedic...
2018-01-18 Adam Roses... Revert accidentally removed trait
2018-01-18 jenkins-botMerge "Add PHPUnit tests for ApiDelete"
2018-01-18 Yifei HeAdd PHPUnit tests for ApiDelete
2018-01-18 ReedyTest HHVM LTS versions 3.21 and 3.24 on travis
2018-01-18 jenkins-botMerge "JavaScriptMinifier: Remove support for unused...
2018-01-18 jenkins-botMerge "JavaScriptMinifier: Enable phpcs and fix violations"
2018-01-18 jenkins-botMerge "JavaScriptMinifier: Fix "Uninitialized offset...
2018-01-18 jenkins-botMerge "JavaScriptMinifier: Improve docs for parsing...
2018-01-18 jenkins-botMerge "SpecialLog: Don't ignore offender when it's...
2018-01-18 jenkins-botMerge "Non-MySQL comment table updates"
2018-01-17 jenkins-botMerge "Add more data to categories dump"
2018-01-17 Translation... Localisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
2018-01-17 Brad JorschSpecialLog: Don't ignore offender when it's a nonexiste...
2018-01-17 Seb35Remove support for PHP extension 'mysql' (not mysqli!)
2018-01-17 Bartosz DziewońskiEditPage: Match the Save/Publish button's tooltip to...
2018-01-17 Brad JorschNon-MySQL comment table updates
2018-01-17 jenkins-botMerge "EditPage: Simplify getEditButtons()"
2018-01-17 jenkins-botMerge "EditPage: Update Save/Publish button flag from...
2018-01-17 jenkins-botMerge "Update OOUI to v0.25.1"
2018-01-17 Bartosz DziewońskiEditPage: Simplify getEditButtons()
2018-01-17 Bartosz DziewońskiEditPage: Update Save/Publish button flag from 'constru...
2018-01-17 jenkins-botMerge "Allow extension of the Special:Upload form"
2018-01-17 Brad JorschApiQueryTags: Remove unused tgprop value
2018-01-17 jenkins-botMerge "Page title is not used in Selenium tests"
2018-01-17 Željko FilipinPage title is not used in Selenium tests
2018-01-17 jenkins-botMerge "New namespace MediaWiki\Tests\Maintenance"
2018-01-17 Volker EUpdate OOUI to v0.25.1
2018-01-17 Stanislav MalyshevAdd more data to categories dump
2018-01-17 jenkins-botMerge "Port categories dump header fix"
2018-01-16 Translation... Localisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
2018-01-16 jenkins-botMerge "rdbms: specify DB name and table prefix even...
2018-01-16 Adam Roses... New namespace MediaWiki\Tests\Maintenance
2018-01-16 jenkins-botMerge "Minor documentation cleanup"
2018-01-16 jenkins-botMerge "Revert "Prevent new users from being sent emails""
2018-01-16 Adam Roses... Minor documentation cleanup
2018-01-16 Željko FilipinWhen running Selenium tests, use `wd/hub`
2018-01-16 Aaron Schulzrdbms: specify DB name and table prefix even for the...
2018-01-16 jenkins-botMerge "Clear the backlink cache on file delete"
2018-01-16 Cormac ParleClear the backlink cache on file delete
2018-01-16 jenkins-botMerge "Add Nyungar (nys) to Names.php & release note"
2018-01-15 Translation... Localisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
2018-01-15 jenkins-botMerge "mediawiki.util.test: Set wgFragmentMode before...
2018-01-15 jenkins-botMerge "watch.js: Simplify by using .map()"
2018-01-15 addshoreselenium, update page spec to include more chars
2018-01-15 addshoreSelenium README note about --url-base on Windows
2018-01-15 Fomafixwatch.js: Simplify by using .map()
2018-01-14 Translation... Localisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
2018-01-14 Fomafixmediawiki.util.test: Set wgFragmentMode before testing...
2018-01-14 danielDocument expandBlob behavior when no flags are given.
2018-01-14 jenkins-botMerge "rdbms: add LoadBalancer::getLocalDomainId()...
2018-01-13 Translation... Localisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
2018-01-13 Aaron Schulzrdbms: add LoadBalancer::getLocalDomainId() method
2018-01-13 jenkins-botMerge "Use cache set options in SqlBlobStore::getBlob"
2018-01-13 jenkins-botMerge "Fix LoadBalancer::getMasterPos() callers to...
2018-01-12 Aaron SchulzFix LoadBalancer::getMasterPos() callers to handle...
2018-01-12 jenkins-botMerge "OOUI: Manually pull in fix from I99caad7b ahead...
2018-01-12 jenkins-botMerge "ApiSandbox: Use OO.ui.getDefaultOverlay()"
2018-01-12 jenkins-botMerge "Add edit tags to list=watchlist"
2018-01-12 Bartosz DziewońskiSpecialProtectedtitles: Use 'comma-separator' instead...