2017-12-08 ReedyFix missing if from $wgDBssl comment
2017-12-07 jenkins-botMerge "SpecialPages: Add ul { margin-top: 0; margin...
2017-12-07 FomafixSpecialPages: Add ul { margin-top: 0; margin-bottom...
2017-12-07 Translation... Localisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
2017-12-07 jenkins-botMerge "Changed Instances of rawParams() to plaintextPar...
2017-12-07 ryan10145Changed Instances of rawParams() to plaintextParams()
2017-12-07 jenkins-botMerge "Fix "Save current filter settings" menu and...
2017-12-07 jenkins-botMerge "GitInfo: Fix shell restrictions for submodules"
2017-12-07 jenkins-botMerge "WLFilters: Correctly check if RCFilters should...
2017-12-07 Brad JorschImageListPager: Don't stomp on $join_conds
2017-12-07 jenkins-botMerge "RCFilters: Set up conditional views for RCLinked"
2017-12-07 Stephane BissonWLFilters: Correctly check if RCFilters should be enabl...
2017-12-07 jenkins-botMerge "placeholder-message for html form should be...
2017-12-07 Hoto CocoaLocalSettingsGenerator: Fix typo in exception message
2017-12-07 jenkins-botMerge "Always return a string from Language::formatNum()"
2017-12-07 Sam WilsonAlways return a string from Language::formatNum()
2017-12-07 Moriel SchottlenderRCFilters: Set up conditional views for RCLinked
2017-12-07 Kunal MehtaWikiPageTest: Fix typo in @covers
2017-12-07 petarpetkovicFix "Save current filter settings" menu and legend...
2017-12-07 Brian Wolffplaceholder-message for html form should be ->text...
2017-12-06 jenkins-botMerge "RCLFilters: Make 'target' and 'to/from' sticky"
2017-12-06 Sébastien Santoromedia: Ensure there ie enough data to extract software...
2017-12-06 Translation... Localisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
2017-12-06 Translation... Localisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
2017-12-06 Stephane BissonRCLFilters: Make 'target' and 'to/from' sticky
2017-12-06 jenkins-botMerge "RCLFilters: UI tweaks"
2017-12-06 jenkins-botMerge "Prevent results from wiggling"
2017-12-06 petarpetkovicRCFilters: Reserve space between filters and results
2017-12-06 Stephane BissonRCLFilters: UI tweaks
2017-12-06 Cormac ParleAdded file icon for mp3 files
2017-12-06 jenkins-botMerge "Allow wikilinks in "show/hide <type of change...
2017-12-06 jenkins-botMerge "Add missing @throws in Importers"
2017-12-06 WMDE-FischAdd missing @throws in Importers
2017-12-06 WMDE-FischGet conflict results from diff3
2017-12-06 VolkerERevert "Support changing icon variants on hover"
2017-12-05 petarpetkovicPrevent results from wiggling
2017-12-05 Translation... Localisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
2017-12-05 addshoreTests for WikiPage::insertOn
2017-12-05 addshoreTests for WikiPage::updateIfNewerOn
2017-12-05 addshoreTests for WikiPage::updateRevisionOn
2017-12-05 addshoreTest for WikiPge::insertProtectNullRevision
2017-12-05 addshoreTests for WikiPage::newFromID
2017-12-05 addshoreTest for WikiPage::newFromRow
2017-12-05 addshoreImprove phpdoc of 'OldRestrictions' in Title
2017-12-05 jenkins-botMerge "Tests for WikiPage::insertRedirectEntry"
2017-12-05 jenkins-botMerge "RCLFilters: Show images and descriptions with...
2017-12-05 jenkins-botMerge "ImagePage: Make metadata table's initial collaps...
2017-12-05 jenkins-botMerge "Absolutely position "legend" on grouped results"
2017-12-05 jenkins-botMerge "Warn for uploads with new name but same content...
2017-12-05 jenkins-botMerge "ImagePage: Clean up metadata.js collapsing"
2017-12-05 Stephane BissonRCLFilters: Show images and descriptions with page...
2017-12-05 jenkins-botMerge "RCFilters: Update invert URL param when toggled"
2017-12-05 jenkins-botMerge "RCLFilters: convert related changes tool to...
2017-12-05 jenkins-botMerge "RCFilters: Clarify 'hidden' and 'sticky' filters"
2017-12-05 jenkins-botMerge "RCFilters: Make 'days' and 'limit' sticky"
2017-12-05 addshoreTests for WikiPage::insertRedirectEntry
2017-12-05 Timo TijhofImagePage: Make metadata table's initial collapse CSS...
2017-12-05 Timo TijhofImagePage: Clean up metadata.js collapsing
2017-12-05 Moriel SchottlenderRCFilters: Update invert URL param when toggled
2017-12-05 jenkins-botMerge "API: Account for PHP 7.2 change"
2017-12-04 Translation... Localisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
2017-12-04 Stephane BissonRCLFilters: convert related changes tool to new UX
2017-12-04 jenkins-botMerge "A few doc comment fixups"
2017-12-04 PpperyAllow wikilinks in "show/hide <type of change>" labels...
2017-12-04 jenkins-botMerge "Test for WikiPage::updateRedirectOn"
2017-12-04 jenkins-botMerge "Add test for WikiPage::updateCategoryCounts"
2017-12-04 jenkins-botMerge "Refactor test for WikiPage::doRollback"
2017-12-04 jenkins-botMerge "WikiPage tests @covers for doDeleteArticleReal...
2017-12-04 jenkins-botMerge "Split WikiPageTest into ContentHandler & NoConte...
2017-12-04 Brad JorschAPI: Account for PHP 7.2 change
2017-12-04 jenkins-botMerge "objectcache: various cleanups to WANObjectCache"
2017-12-04 jenkins-botMerge "Replace some Special:Undelete button with OOUI...
2017-12-04 Albert221Replace some Special:Undelete button with OOUI ones
2017-12-04 Stephane BissonRCFilters: Clarify 'hidden' and 'sticky' filters
2017-12-04 jenkins-botMerge "Only send statsd data for WAN cache in non-CLI...
2017-12-04 jenkins-botMerge "Remove unuseful debug messages"
2017-12-04 petarpetkovicAbsolutely position "legend" on grouped results
2017-12-04 addshoreTest for WikiPage::updateRedirectOn
2017-12-04 Niklas LaxströmRemove unuseful debug messages
2017-12-04 addshoreAdd test for WikiPage::updateCategoryCounts
2017-12-04 addshoreRefactor test for WikiPage::doRollback
2017-12-04 addshoreWikiPage tests @covers for doDeleteArticleReal & commit...
2017-12-04 addshoreSplit WikiPageTest into ContentHandler & NoContentHandl...
2017-12-04 addshoreFix phpdoc for WikiPage::updateRedirectOn $redirectTitl...
2017-12-04 Tim StarlingA few doc comment fixups
2017-12-03 Translation... Localisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
2017-12-03 Étienne BeauléShow protection log on every use of moveddeleted-notice
2017-12-03 Kunal Mehta.gitignore: Exclude Extension:Score generated files
2017-12-03 jenkins-botMerge "xmp: Lower severity of XMP parse failure log...
2017-12-03 Kunal MehtaGitInfo: Fix shell restrictions for submodules
2017-12-03 Aaron SchulzLower DatabaseMysqlBase::lock logging to INFO
2017-12-03 Bryan Davisxmp: Lower severity of XMP parse failure log events
2017-12-02 Bartosz DziewońskiRevert "Special:Preferences: Use OOjs UI" and follow-ups
2017-12-02 Translation... Localisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
2017-12-02 Aaron SchulzOnly send statsd data for WAN cache in non-CLI mode
2017-12-02 jenkins-botMerge "Try to avoid bogus JobTest failures for PHP 7"
2017-12-02 Albert221Add GENDER where strings could differ
2017-12-02 jenkins-botMerge "Fix double escaping for 'userlogin-createanother...
2017-12-02 Bartosz DziewońskiFix double escaping for 'userlogin-createanother',...
2017-12-02 Aaron SchulzTry to avoid bogus JobTest failures for PHP 7