2016-05-10 SethakillConvert Special:DeletedContributions to use OOUI.
2016-05-10 jenkins-botMerge "Avoid master queries on GET in ProtectionForm"
2016-05-10 jenkins-botMerge "Remove DELETE_SOURCE flag from FileRepo store...
2016-05-10 jenkins-botMerge "Make recent changes update jobs use configurable...
2016-05-10 jenkins-botMerge "Fix executeTiming statsd metrics"
2016-05-10 jenkins-botMerge "Add Czech aliases to most special pages"
2016-05-10 jenkins-botMerge "Avoid spamming the duplicate key fetch log in...
2016-05-10 jenkins-botMerge "Remove wfDebug() from Revision::loadText()"
2016-05-10 jenkins-botMerge "Remove wfDebug() from getInterwikiCacheEntry()"
2016-05-10 matejsuchanekAdd Czech aliases to most special pages
2016-05-10 Aaron SchulzRemove a wfDebug() from File::transform()
2016-05-10 Aaron SchulzRemove wfDebug() from getInterwikiCacheEntry()
2016-05-10 Aaron SchulzRemove wfDebug() from Revision::loadText()
2016-05-10 Aaron SchulzAvoid master queries on GET in ProtectionForm
2016-05-10 jenkins-botMerge "BlockLevelPass: minor changes due to initial...
2016-05-10 jenkins-botMerge "Split out doBlockLevels() into its own class"
2016-05-10 jenkins-botMerge "Include type in hashKeyIntoSlots()"
2016-05-09 Aaron SchulzInclude type in hashKeyIntoSlots()
2016-05-09 jenkins-botMerge "Add tests for ApiQueryWatchlist"
2016-05-09 Translation... Localisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
2016-05-09 jenkins-botMerge "mediawiki.api: Make the result promise of #postW...
2016-05-09 jenkins-botMerge "Use better styles for fake button in installer"
2016-05-09 Leszek ManickiAdd tests for ApiQueryWatchlist
2016-05-08 jenkins-botMerge "Convert Special:Activeusers to use OOUI"
2016-05-08 jenkins-botMerge "Stop using depreacted base_convert"
2016-05-08 SethakillConvert Special:Activeusers to use OOUI
2016-05-08 jenkins-botMerge "Add @since tags to MediaWikiServices"
2016-05-08 jenkins-botMerge "Search: Change dataLocation default value and...
2016-05-08 Translation... Localisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
2016-05-08 jenkins-botMerge "Convert Special:MIMESearch to use OOUI."
2016-05-08 SethakillConvert Special:MIMESearch to use OOUI.
2016-05-07 jenkins-botMerge "SpecialLockdb and SpecialUnlockdb don't do datab...
2016-05-07 jenkins-botMerge "Special:Lockdb return error when database is...
2016-05-07 umherirrenderUse better styles for fake button in installer
2016-05-07 jenkins-botMerge "Convert Special:BookSources to use OOUI"
2016-05-07 SethakillSpecial:Lockdb return error when database is locked.
2016-05-07 SethakillConvert Special:BookSources to use OOUI
2016-05-07 jenkins-botMerge "Convert Special:Lockdb and Special:Unlockdb...
2016-05-07 Bartosz DziewońskiSpecialLockdb and SpecialUnlockdb don't do database...
2016-05-07 addshoreAdd @since tags to MediaWikiServices
2016-05-07 addshoreStop using depreacted base_convert
2016-05-07 Aaron SchulzMake stashEditFromPreview() call setCacheTime()
2016-05-07 Translation... Localisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
2016-05-07 jenkins-botMerge "Print styles: Wrap CSS-generated URLs"
2016-05-07 jenkins-botMerge "Print CSS: Avoid page breaks inside <figure>"
2016-05-07 PaladoxUpdate mediawiki/mediawiki-codesniffer to 0.7.1
2016-05-07 Aaron SchulzMake recent changes update jobs use configurable $wgUpd...
2016-05-07 Aaron SchulzBump PRESUME_FRESH_TTL_SEC to improve hit rate and...
2016-05-07 jenkins-botMerge "Remove upgradeRow() call from ?action=purge"
2016-05-06 Aaron SchulzAdd TTL_PROC_* constants for clarity
2016-05-06 jenkins-botMerge "Stop supporting old versions of composer for...
2016-05-06 Ori LivnehStop supporting old versions of composer for ComposerPa...
2016-05-06 Roan KattouwMemcachedClient: Always return an array from get_multi...
2016-05-06 jenkins-botMerge "registration: Fix mode of files (755 -> 644)"
2016-05-06 Florianregistration: Fix mode of files (755 -> 644)
2016-05-06 jenkins-botMerge "Add @since tags for TestUser::getUser/Password"
2016-05-06 addshoreAdd @since tags for TestUser::getUser/Password
2016-05-06 addshoreAdd tests for MediawikiTestCase::setService stuff
2016-05-06 Martin UrbanecChanged translation of ChangePassword and PasswordReset
2016-05-06 FlorianSearch: Change dataLocation default value and add docs
2016-05-06 jenkins-botMerge "Do not show useless form at Special:ChangeConten...
2016-05-06 jenkins-botMerge "Tweak RefreshLinksJob cache logic"
2016-05-06 jenkins-botMerge "Do not let DataUpdate exceptions block other...
2016-05-06 addshoreRemove WatchedItemStore::getDefaultInstance
2016-05-06 addshoreMake WatchedItemStore use MediaWikiServices
2016-05-06 jenkins-botMerge "Add missing 'public' keywords to some more Langu...
2016-05-06 jenkins-botMerge "Fix deleting pages/files when using Microsoft...
2016-05-06 Ryan SchmidtFix deleting pages/files when using Microsoft SQL Server
2016-05-06 Tim StarlingBlockLevelPass: minor changes due to initial code review
2016-05-06 Tim StarlingSplit out doBlockLevels() into its own class
2016-05-06 jenkins-botMerge "Upgrade mismatched begin() warnings to exceptions"
2016-05-05 jenkins-botMerge "Introduce mediawiki.router for handling hash...
2016-05-05 jdlrobsonIntroduce mediawiki.router for handling hash fragment...
2016-05-05 jenkins-botMerge "Shorten some ridiculously long message names"
2016-05-05 jenkins-botMerge "mw.ForeignStructuredUpload: Remove #getTemplateName"
2016-05-05 Bartosz DziewońskiShorten some ridiculously long message names
2016-05-05 Brad JorschRun maintenance/generateLocalAutoload.php
2016-05-05 jenkins-botMerge "Warn on session access in profileinfo.php and...
2016-05-05 Brad JorschWarn on session access in profileinfo.php and opensearc...
2016-05-05 Brad JorschRelease note for Id83eda95
2016-05-05 jenkins-botMerge "Don't stash on preview if $wgAjaxEditStash=false"
2016-05-05 jenkins-botMerge "Rephrase tog-norollbackdiff"
2016-05-05 jenkins-botMerge "Override momentjs's digit transform logic with...
2016-05-05 jenkins-botMerge "Enforce load.php's no-session constraint"
2016-05-05 Tim StarlingDon't stash on preview if $wgAjaxEditStash=false
2016-05-05 jenkins-botMerge "Chinese Conversion Table Update 2016-2"
2016-05-05 Gilles DubucAdd AMF and STL to mime.types
2016-05-04 jenkins-botMerge "Move master to 1.28.0-alpha"
2016-05-04 Kunal MehtaUpgrade wikimedia/cdb to 1.4.0
2016-05-04 Kunal MehtaUpgrade wikimedia/ip-set to 1.1.0
2016-05-04 jenkins-botMerge "Allow reset of global services (redux)."
2016-05-04 Translation... Localisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
2016-05-04 Bartosz Dziewońskimw.ForeignStructuredUpload: Remove #getTemplateName
2016-05-04 Chad HorohoeMove master to 1.28.0-alpha
2016-05-04 jenkins-botMerge "Add a bunch of @since tags to Linker"
2016-05-04 jenkins-botMerge "Add @since tag to SpecialPage::msg"
2016-05-04 jenkins-botMerge "Use LoggerInterface::class in MediaWikiTestCaseTest"
2016-05-04 Aaron SchulzRemove upgradeRow() call from ?action=purge
2016-05-04 jenkins-botMerge "Add @since for Message::newFromSpecifier"
2016-05-04 jenkins-botMerge "Make sure OtherBlockLogLink's second parameter...