2017-10-17 addshoreRevisionIntegrationTest for loadFromId & loadFromPageId
2017-10-17 addshoreRevisionIntegrationTest for newFromArchiveRow with...
2017-10-17 addshoreRevisionIntegrationTest for newFromPageId
2017-10-17 jenkins-botMerge "Cleanup page creation in RevisionIntegrationTest"
2017-10-17 jenkins-botMerge "Split Revision tests into Unit & Integration...
2017-10-17 Max SemenikHard deprecate wfRunHooks()
2017-10-16 jenkins-botMerge "Fix tabindex applied twice on RC top section"
2017-10-16 jenkins-botMerge "Fix changes list misaligned arrow"
2017-10-16 petarpetkovicFix changes list misaligned arrow
2017-10-16 addshoreCleanup page creation in RevisionIntegrationTest
2017-10-16 FomafixRemove mw.page
2017-10-16 jenkins-botMerge "Add lowercase variants to the autoloader for...
2017-10-16 Ori LivnehAdd lowercase variants to the autoloader for legacy...
2017-10-16 petarpetkovicFix tabindex applied twice on RC top section
2017-10-16 jenkins-botMerge "RCFilters: Use mixins and variables in LESS...
2017-10-16 jenkins-botMerge "Remove strong tag from "Other review tools""
2017-10-16 petarpetkovicRemove strong tag from "Other review tools"
2017-10-16 petarpetkovicImprove wording in Saved Filter Menu
2017-10-16 petarpetkovicRCFilters: Use mixins and variables in LESS files
2017-10-16 jenkins-botMerge "Parser: Disable commafy for magic variables...
2017-10-16 Santhosh ThottingalParser: Disable commafy for magic variables for month...
2017-10-16 jenkins-botMerge "Fix escaping of i18n message shared-repo-from"
2017-10-16 Brian WolffFix escaping of i18n message shared-repo-from
2017-10-15 Translation... Localisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
2017-10-15 ReedyFix covers __constructor -> __construct
2017-10-15 FomafixReplace HTTP by HTTPS in docs
2017-10-15 Ori LivnehFix letter-case of several namespace and class names
2017-10-14 Translation... Localisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
2017-10-14 jenkins-botMerge "RCFilters: Fix RC jumpiness due to expanded...
2017-10-14 Timo TijhofSpecialRunJobs: Use MediaWiki's built-in async/post...
2017-10-14 Moriel SchottlenderRCFilters: Fix RC jumpiness due to expanded/collapsed...
2017-10-13 jenkins-botMerge "deferred: Introduce TransactionRoundDefiningUpdate"
2017-10-13 Timo Tijhofdeferred: Introduce TransactionRoundDefiningUpdate
2017-10-13 Derk-Jan HartmanFix margin of #jump-to-nav
2017-10-13 jenkins-botMerge "Simplify OutputPage constructor"
2017-10-13 Translation... Localisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
2017-10-13 Max SemenikSimplify OutputPage constructor
2017-10-13 jenkins-botMerge "Remove old workaround for HHVM"
2017-10-13 jenkins-botMerge "Split sql fulltext index creation into two state...
2017-10-13 Erik BernhardsonSplit sql fulltext index creation into two statements
2017-10-13 jenkins-botMerge "Hard deprecate wfBaseConvert()"
2017-10-13 jenkins-botMerge "RCFilters: Don't reload when removing highlighte...
2017-10-13 jenkins-botMerge "Add missing retrun in getSummaryInputOOUI()"
2017-10-13 jenkins-botMerge "RCFilters: Use GroupWidget for grouping buttons...
2017-10-13 addshoreSplit Revision tests into Unit & Integration classes
2017-10-13 WMDE-FischAdd missing retrun in getSummaryInputOOUI()
2017-10-13 jenkins-botMerge "Remove maintenance/checkSyntax.php"
2017-10-13 jenkins-botMerge "Update PsySh from 0.8.5 to 0.8.11"
2017-10-13 jenkins-botMerge "Move wfCountDown() into Maintenance class"
2017-10-13 Max SemenikRemove maintenance/checkSyntax.php
2017-10-13 Max SemenikHard deprecate wfBaseConvert()
2017-10-13 Max SemenikRemove old workaround for HHVM
2017-10-13 Moriel SchottlenderRCFilters: Use GroupWidget for grouping buttons and...
2017-10-13 Brad JorschApiQueryLinks: Avoid MySQL order-by bug
2017-10-13 Max SemenikMove wfCountDown() into Maintenance class
2017-10-13 jenkins-botMerge "Update email mute copy on preferences page"
2017-10-12 Gergő TiszaUpdate PsySh from 0.8.5 to 0.8.11
2017-10-12 jenkins-botMerge "mw.rcfilters.Controller: Avoid ES6 method String...
2017-10-12 jenkins-botMerge "Update OOjs UI to v0.23.5"
2017-10-12 Bartosz Dziewońskimw.rcfilters.Controller: Avoid ES6 method String#endsWith
2017-10-12 jenkins-botMerge "Skin: Make skins aware of their registered skin...
2017-10-12 James D. ForresterUpdate OOjs UI to v0.23.5
2017-10-12 Dayllan MazaUpdate email mute copy on preferences page
2017-10-12 jenkins-botMerge "deferred: Improve DeferredUpdates test coverage"
2017-10-12 jenkins-botMerge "shell: Deduplicate code in Command.php by combin...
2017-10-12 Fomafixshell: Deduplicate code in Command.php by combining...
2017-10-12 Timo Tijhofdeferred: Improve DeferredUpdates test coverage
2017-10-12 Roan KattouwFollow-up d25a944635: fix PHP notice
2017-10-12 jenkins-botMerge "SpecialRunJobs: Remove unused JSON response"
2017-10-12 jenkins-botMerge "Remove useless commit calls in JobRunner"
2017-10-12 Aaron SchulzRemove useless commit calls in JobRunner
2017-10-12 jenkins-botMerge "Drop call of deprecated IE8-support method"
2017-10-12 Timo TijhofSpecialRunJobs: Remove unused JSON response
2017-10-12 Brad JorschAPI: Handle pltitles/tltemplates/clcategories/imimages...
2017-10-12 Ed SandersDrop call of deprecated IE8-support method
2017-10-12 jenkins-botMerge "Return stderr from Shell\Command"
2017-10-12 Max SemenikReturn stderr from Shell\Command
2017-10-12 jenkins-botMerge "Fix inconsistent i18n escaping in category pagin...
2017-10-12 jenkins-botMerge "Delete RevisionStorageTestContentHandlerUseDB"
2017-10-12 jenkins-botMerge "RevisionStorageTest: use MediaWikiTestCase metho...
2017-10-12 addshoreDelete RevisionStorageTestContentHandlerUseDB
2017-10-12 jenkins-botMerge "RevisionStorageTest: Add tests for Revision...
2017-10-12 addshoreRevisionStorageTest: use MediaWikiTestCase methods...
2017-10-12 addshoreRevisionStorageTest: Add tests for Revision::newFromTitle()
2017-10-12 jenkins-botMerge "Fix PostgreSQL patch-add-3d.sql by replacing it"
2017-10-12 jenkins-botMerge "Have CommentStore limit the maximum character...
2017-10-12 Brad JorschFix PostgreSQL patch-add-3d.sql by replacing it
2017-10-12 Max SemenikHard deprecate wfShellExecDisabled()
2017-10-12 jenkins-botMerge "Revision split __construct method"
2017-10-12 jenkins-botMerge "Revision: test and fix __construct exceptions"
2017-10-12 addshoreRevision split __construct method
2017-10-12 addshoreRevision: test and fix __construct exceptions
2017-10-12 jenkins-botMerge "RevisionStorageTest: code style fixes"
2017-10-12 Moriel SchottlenderRCFilters: Don't reload when removing highlighted item
2017-10-12 jenkins-botMerge "RevisionTest: refactor test dataProviders"
2017-10-11 jenkins-botMerge "phpcs.xml: Remove missing functions from Prefixe...
2017-10-11 addshoreRevisionStorageTest: code style fixes
2017-10-11 addshoreRevisionTest: refactor test dataProviders
2017-10-11 Tim StarlingDeprecate $wgEnableAPI and $wgEnableWriteAPI
2017-10-11 jenkins-botMerge "RCFilters: Store invert as a standard filter...