2018-12-27 Gergő TiszaSimplify default password policy
2018-12-27 Jayprakash12345Correct $magicWords for sa.wiki
2018-12-27 Translation... Localisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
2018-12-25 FomafixFix comments in language class tests
2018-12-24 MarcoAurelioFix typo "maintainance"
2018-12-24 jenkins-botMerge "Update OOUI to v0.30.0"
2018-12-23 jenkins-botMerge "Add 'suppressrevision' right to new 'oversight...
2018-12-23 Martin UrbanecAdd 'suppressrevision' right to new 'oversight' grant
2018-12-22 James D. ForresterUpdate OOUI to v0.30.0
2018-12-22 Mukunda Modelleval.php: write error messages to stderr
2018-12-22 jenkins-botMerge "XmlSelect: Fix PHPDoc param comments for addOpti...
2018-12-22 Alangi DerickXmlSelect: Fix PHPDoc param comments for addOption...
2018-12-21 jenkins-botMerge "Mark protected IndexPager properties also as...
2018-12-21 jenkins-botMerge "Avoid expensive array_shift where possible"
2018-12-21 jenkins-botMerge "Revision: Assert that $mRecord is never null...
2018-12-21 jenkins-botMerge "Linker: Deprecate non-Language types for $lang...
2018-12-21 danielRevision: Assert that $mRecord is never null in Revision
2018-12-21 jenkins-botMerge "objectcache: add expiration check callback to...
2018-12-21 jenkins-botMerge "rdbms: add trace to getLagFromPtHeartbeat()...
2018-12-21 Aaron SchulzMerge "Make thumbnail image decoding async"
2018-12-21 Thiemo KreuzMark private properties in ContribsPager as "private"
2018-12-21 Aaron Schulzobjectcache: add expiration check callback to WANObject...
2018-12-21 Thiemo KreuzRemove redundant property declarations
2018-12-21 Thiemo KreuzAdd missing, dynamically declared properties in Contrib...
2018-12-21 Aaron Schulzrdbms: add trace to getLagFromPtHeartbeat() log entries
2018-12-21 FomafixLinker: Deprecate non-Language types for $lang of tocLi...
2018-12-21 jenkins-botMerge "Deprecate User::getPasswordValidity()"
2018-12-21 Gergő TiszaDeprecate User::getPasswordValidity()
2018-12-21 Brian WolffAdd warning if you give Html::openElement a name with...
2018-12-21 Mark A. HershbergerEmailNotification should provide a getter for pageStatus
2018-12-21 MGCheckerregistration: Add release notes for platform requirements
2018-12-20 jenkins-botMerge "localisation: Make PHP cache files slimmer"
2018-12-20 Seb35localisation: Make PHP cache files slimmer
2018-12-20 Translation... Localisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
2018-12-20 jenkins-botMerge "Fix order on Special:Contributions when timestam...
2018-12-20 jenkins-botMerge "Fix the cache timestamp for forced updates."
2018-12-20 Thiemo KreuzMark protected IndexPager properties also as protected...
2018-12-20 Thiemo KreuzFix order on Special:Contributions when timestamps...
2018-12-20 jenkins-botMerge "Include block ID in unblock log"
2018-12-20 Brad JorschApiDelete: Handle batched deletions properly
2018-12-20 Gilles DubucMake thumbnail image decoding async
2018-12-20 jenkins-botMerge "Add editing own JSON to editmyoptions grant"
2018-12-19 Translation... Localisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
2018-12-19 jenkins-botMerge "API: Add User-Agent to CORS allow list"
2018-12-19 jenkins-botMerge "ApiBlock: Avoid PHP warning when partial blocks...
2018-12-19 Brad JorschAPI: Add User-Agent to CORS allow list
2018-12-19 danielFix the cache timestamp for forced updates.
2018-12-19 D3r1ck01Merge "Use MediaWiki\SuppressWarnings around trigger_er...
2018-12-19 jenkins-botMerge "Include bot password app ID in audit data"
2018-12-19 Brad JorschApiBlock: Avoid PHP warning when partial blocks are...
2018-12-19 jenkins-botMerge "Fix regular expression"
2018-12-19 Amir SarabadaniClean ups of dropping tag_summary table
2018-12-19 Gergő TiszaInclude block ID in unblock log
2018-12-19 jenkins-botMerge "travis: Add PHP 7.3 (allowed failure)"
2018-12-18 jenkins-botMerge "Special:AllMessages: Improve zebra striping...
2018-12-18 Translation... Localisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
2018-12-18 Amir SarabadaniDrop tag_summary and valid_tag tables
2018-12-18 jdlrobsonChangesList separates content elements from presentation
2018-12-18 Amir SarabadaniFix copy-paste error
2018-12-18 Elliott EgglestonOption to load restrictions from DB_MASTER
2018-12-18 jenkins-botMerge "HTMLForm OOUI Flatlist: Reduce `margin` slightly"
2018-12-18 jenkins-botMerge "MagicWordFactory: Follow-up on I5d2166f155e31900...
2018-12-18 Alangi DerickMagicWordFactory: Follow-up on I5d2166f155e31900cb40c
2018-12-18 jenkins-botMerge "ApiComparePages: Don't error with no prev/next...
2018-12-18 jenkins-botMerge "tests: Add PHPUnit tests for methods in MagicWor...
2018-12-18 Alangi Dericktests: Add PHPUnit tests for methods in MagicWordFactor...
2018-12-18 Volker EHTMLForm OOUI Flatlist: Reduce `margin` slightly
2018-12-18 Kunal MehtaUpgrade wikimedia/ip-set to 2.0.0
2018-12-18 Kunal Mehtatravis: Add PHP 7.3 (allowed failure)
2018-12-18 jenkins-botMerge "Message: Don't include Title objects in the...
2018-12-18 jenkins-botMerge "ProfilerExcimer: allow early start"
2018-12-17 Translation... Localisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
2018-12-17 jenkins-botMerge "DateTimeInputWidget: Fix UI/UX glitches"
2018-12-17 jenkins-botMerge "Follow-up I2266ec0: Mark new method as an internal"
2018-12-17 jenkins-botMerge "Set default of sleep time in populateChangeTagDe...
2018-12-17 ThaliaSet API limits for page restrictions to 10
2018-12-17 jenkins-botMerge "Fix sql.php --json behavior"
2018-12-17 jenkins-botMerge "DateTimeInputWidget: Use 'clear' icon to clear...
2018-12-17 jenkins-botMerge "Stop updating tag_summary table"
2018-12-17 Bartosz DziewońskiSpecial:AllMessages: Improve zebra striping on hover
2018-12-17 Thiemo KreuzAvoid expensive array_shift where possible
2018-12-17 jenkins-botMerge "Special:AllMessages: Remove al_title and allmess...
2018-12-17 Timo TijhofSpecial:AllMessages: Remove al_title and allmessages...
2018-12-17 Gergő TiszaFix sql.php --json behavior
2018-12-17 Tim StarlingProfilerExcimer: allow early start
2018-12-16 Volker EDateTimeInputWidget: Fix UI/UX glitches
2018-12-16 jenkins-botMerge "Add ProfilerExcimer"
2018-12-15 Translation... Localisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
2018-12-15 Amir SarabadaniSet default of sleep time in populateChangeTagDef to...
2018-12-15 Volker EDateTimeInputWidget: Use 'clear' icon to clear input
2018-12-14 Bill PirkleFix exception on certain http failures
2018-12-14 Translation... Localisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
2018-12-14 jenkins-botMerge "PostgreSQL: Drop three unused columns"
2018-12-14 jenkins-botMerge "Use SpecialPageFactory in ApiQueryQueryPage"
2018-12-14 Kevin IsraelPostgreSQL: Drop three unused columns
2018-12-14 Lucas WerkmeisterUse SpecialPageFactory in ApiQueryQueryPage
2018-12-14 jenkins-botMerge "eslint: Turn on reportUnusedDisableDirectives"
2018-12-14 jenkins-botMerge "Introduce TagMultiselectWidget.php"
2018-12-14 ThaliaIntroduce TagMultiselectWidget.php
2018-12-14 Ed Sanderseslint: Turn on reportUnusedDisableDirectives