2019-09-30 ReedyPrepare 1.31.4 1.31.4
2019-09-30 Brad JorschSQLite: Make patch-add-3d.sql a no-op
2019-09-30 ReedySplit down patch-actor-table.sql
2019-09-30 Brad JorschSQLite: Split actor and comment filearchive updates...
2019-09-28 ReedySplit down patch-comment-table.sql
2019-09-21 ReedyUpdate RELEASE-NOTES
2019-09-21 sbassettdispatchUser() should use a 302 http status code
2019-09-21 Brian WolffCache redirects from Special:Redirect
2019-09-21 UmherirrenderGive more specific error messages on Special:Redirect
2019-09-17 ThaliaImprove documentation for the MinimumPasswordLengthToLo...
2019-09-12 ReedyUpdate RELEASE-NOTES-1.31
2019-09-12 Derk-Jan HartmanFix XMP parser errors due to trailing nullchar
2019-08-21 JforresterMerge "SECURITY: Add permission check for suppressed...
2019-08-21 Gergő TiszaAdd helper for HTTPFileStreamer header syntax
2019-08-15 rxySECURITY: Add permission check for suppressed account
2019-08-09 James MontalvoAdd ImgAuthModifyHeaders hook to img_auth.php to modify...
2019-07-24 Santhosh ThottingalUpdate LanguageTrTest::testDottedAndDotlessI for PHP 7.3
2019-07-02 ReedyAdd 1.31.4 section to RELEASE-NOTES
2019-07-02 ReedyPrepare 1.31.3 1.31.3
2019-06-30 ReedyAdd missing RELEASE-NOTES entries
2019-06-30 ReedyFix SQLite patch-(page|template)links-fix-pk.sql column...
2019-06-30 Purdea AndreiMake sure database update succeeds from older database...
2019-06-30 ReedyRemove jetbrains/phpstorm-stubs from composer dev depen...
2019-06-17 Timo Tijhofinstaller: Detect APC for MainCacheType in CLI installer
2019-06-17 Leszek ManickiDisable rate limiting in Development Settings
2019-06-11 Karsten HoffmeyerInstaller: Update link to PHP intl away from old PECL...
2019-06-06 Reedy1.31.3 RELEASE-NOTES section
2019-06-06 ReedyPrepare 1.31.2 1.31.2
2019-06-06 ReedyAdd RELEASE-NOTES for security patches
2019-06-06 James D. ForresterSECURITY: resources: Patch jQuery 3.2.1 for CVE-2019...
2019-06-06 rxySECURITY: Add permission check for user is permitted...
2019-06-06 rxySECURITY: Add permission check for user is permitted...
2019-06-06 Lucas WerkmeisterSECURITY: Fix cache mode for (un)patrolled recent chang...
2019-06-06 Kunal MehtaSECURITY: API: Respect $wgBlockCIDRLimit in action...
2019-06-06 Brian WolffSECURITY: rate-limit and prevent blocked users from...
2019-06-06 Max SemenikSECURITY: blacklist CSS var()
2019-06-06 Brian WolffSECURITY: Fix reauth in Special:ChangeEmail
2019-06-04 James D. Forresterselenium: wdio-mocha-framework now v0.6.4
2019-05-29 Brad JorschAdd getLoginSecurityLevel() support to FormSpecialPage
2019-05-28 ReedyAdd/update RELEASE-NOTES to match commits
2019-05-28 ReedyMake config-outdated-sqlite parameter numbers consisten...
2019-05-24 Reedyresourceloader: Use AND instead of OR for upsert conds...
2019-05-11 jenkins-botMerge "Update cssjanus/cssjanus from 1.2.0 to 1.3.0...
2019-05-11 ReedyUpdate git submodules
2019-05-11 ReedyUpdate cssjanus/cssjanus from 1.2.0 to 1.3.0
2019-04-25 Brad JorschApiLogout: Follow up Icb674095
2019-04-25 Aryeh GregorNew helper ApiTestCase::setExpectedApiException()
2019-04-25 sbassett[SECURITY] [API BREAKING CHANGE] Require logout token.
2019-04-22 rxyAdd support for new Japanese era name "Reiwa"
2019-03-26 Max SemenikUrlencode fragments when redirecting after editing
2019-03-21 Gergő TiszaRearrange code in User::getBlockedStatus to avoid isAll...
2019-03-21 Gergő TiszaReplace $wgUser with RequestContext::getUser in User...
2019-03-09 Brad JorschUpdate git submodules
2019-03-06 Jack Phoenixuser_group, the nonexistent table that keeps on giving
2019-03-05 Jack PhoenixFix a rather fatal typo in rebuildrecentchanges.php
2019-03-01 Aaron SchulzBackport WikiMap/JobQueueGroup logic to handle hyphenat...
2019-02-28 ReedyRELEASE-NOTES for last two commits
2019-02-28 Brad JorschDatabasePostgres: Ignore "IGNORE" option to update()
2019-02-26 ReedyReturn the page_id in list=langbacklinks as an int
2019-02-26 setianReturn the page_id in list=iwbacklinks as an int rather...
2019-02-18 Gergő TiszaBackfill release notes for Iaf531795
2019-02-17 James D. ForresterUpdate required PHP version to 7.0.13
2019-02-17 Aaron SchulzFix flaky MessageBlobStoreTest assertion failures
2019-02-17 Aaron Schulzobjectcache: add setMockTime() method to BagOStuff...
2019-02-14 Peter BoehmUpdate git submodules
2019-02-14 FomafixUpdate git submodules
2019-02-14 Brian WolffUpdate git submodules
2019-02-09 jenkins-botMerge "Fix $magicWords for the Sanskrit language" into...
2019-02-08 James D. ForresterFollow-up I41cc21708: Add to RELEASE-NOTES as it's...
2019-02-07 Juan OsorioRemoves Google web search from exception page
2019-02-07 StrainuMWExceptionRenderer: Fix db error outage page
2019-01-16 Brad JorschAvoid session double-start in Setup.php
2019-01-12 Aaron Schulzrdbms: reduce LoadBalancer replication log spam
2018-12-31 Jayprakash12345Fix $magicWords for the Sanskrit language
2018-12-27 Brad JorschUser: Bypass repeatable-read when creating an actor_id
2018-12-20 Brad JorschAdd join conditions to ActiveUsersPager
2018-12-20 Alexia E. SmithUpdate git submodules
2018-12-19 jenkins-botMerge "i18n: Clarify the default sidebar 'Help' link...
2018-12-18 Amir SarabadaniFix copy-paste error
2018-12-18 Andre Klapperi18n: Clarify the default sidebar 'Help' link is about...
2018-12-18 jenkins-botMerge "Upgrade wikimedia/ip-set to 1.3.0" into REL1_31
2018-12-18 jenkins-botMerge "Use our fork of less.php" into REL1_31
2018-12-18 Kunal MehtaUpdate git submodules
2018-12-18 Kunal MehtaUpdate git submodules
2018-12-18 Kunal MehtaUpgrade wikimedia/ip-set to 1.3.0
2018-12-18 Kunal MehtaUse our fork of less.php
2018-12-05 Brad JorschImageListPager: Actor migration for buildQueryConds()
2018-12-04 rvogelSave value from CLI installers `--lang` argument
2018-11-30 James D. ForresterRELEASE-NOTES-1.31: Add in other cherry-picks since...
2018-11-30 Bartosz DziewońskiLogFormatter: Fail softer when trying to link an invali...
2018-11-22 Seb35SQL syntax error in MS-SQL file
2018-11-19 PaladoxUse $revQuery['joins'] in query in populateSearchIndex
2018-11-15 RazeSoldierUpdate git submodules
2018-11-14 Derk-Jan HartmanUpdate git submodules
2018-11-06 David CausseAdd test for completionSearch with wgCapitalLinkOverrides
2018-11-06 David CausseCompletion search should not change the search query
2018-10-31 Niklas LaxströmUpdate git submodules
2018-10-24 addshorecomposer.json, require ext-fileinfo
2018-10-24 Jack PhoenixDon't throw E_NOTICEs about undefined properties
2018-10-22 jenkins-botMerge "Update wikimedia/base-convert to 2.0.0" into...