2018-02-13 jenkins-botMerge "Improve ExtensionRegistry test coverage"
2018-02-13 Kunal MehtaImprove ExtensionRegistry test coverage
2018-02-13 Aaron SchulzMigrage callers away from SiteStatsUpdate::__construct()
2018-02-12 Aaron SchulzVarious cleanup to SiteStats classes
2018-02-12 jenkins-botMerge "resourceloader: Removed tests for deprecated...
2018-02-12 Umherirrenderresourceloader: Removed tests for deprecated 'position...
2018-02-12 Kunal Mehtaregistration: Remove unused ExtensionRegistry::markLoaded
2018-02-12 Aaron SchulzMove SiteStatsInit to its own file
2018-02-12 jenkins-botMerge "Make SiteStatsInit::doPlaceholderInit() use...
2018-02-12 Aaron SchulzMake SiteStatsInit::doPlaceholderInit() use 1 for ss_row_id
2018-02-12 jenkins-botMerge "Add tests for ExtensionJsonValidator"
2018-02-12 jenkins-botMerge "Complete VersionChecker test coverage"
2018-02-12 jenkins-botMerge "SpecialLog: replace unnecessary strict comparison"
2018-02-12 jenkins-botMerge "mediawiki.special.upload: Reorder functions"
2018-02-12 Translation... Localisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
2018-02-12 jenkins-botMerge "mediawiki.Title: Reorder function declaration"
2018-02-12 Fomafixmediawiki.Title: Reorder function declaration
2018-02-12 jenkins-botMerge "Refactor Skin::buildSidebar() code style"
2018-02-11 jenkins-botMerge "Update suppressWarning()/restoreWarning() calls"
2018-02-11 Translation... Localisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
2018-02-11 MelosSpecialLog: replace unnecessary strict comparison
2018-02-11 Brad JorschParserOutput: Add 'deduplicateStyles' post-cache transf...
2018-02-10 Bartosz DziewońskiAdd mediawiki.widgets.visibleByteLimit to JSDuck index
2018-02-10 Fomafixmediawiki.special.upload: Reorder functions
2018-02-10 MelosSpecialLog: Fix results when no offender is specified
2018-02-10 ReedyUpdate MediaWiki\quietCall() -> Wikimedia\quietCall()
2018-02-10 ReedyUpdate suppressWarning()/restoreWarning() calls
2018-02-10 Translation... Localisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
2018-02-10 Kunal MehtaAdd tests for ExtensionJsonValidator
2018-02-10 Kunal MehtaComplete VersionChecker test coverage
2018-02-10 Kunal Mehtaregistration: Simplify extracting path based globals
2018-02-10 Kunal MehtaComplete ExtensionProcessor test coverage
2018-02-10 jenkins-botMerge "editTests: Use the correct list of parser test...
2018-02-10 jenkins-botMerge "Add a few more @covers to ParserIntegrationTest"
2018-02-09 jenkins-botMerge "rdbms: make safeWaitForMasterPos() respect ...
2018-02-09 Aaron Schulzrdbms: make safeWaitForMasterPos() respect "waitTimeout"
2018-02-09 jenkins-botMerge "Fix ParserOutput::getText 'unwrap' flag for...
2018-02-09 Gergő TiszaFix ParserOutput::getText 'unwrap' flag for end-of...
2018-02-09 Kunal MehtaeditTests: Use the correct list of parser test files
2018-02-09 jenkins-botMerge "Use WatchedItemStore clearing in SpecialEditWatc...
2018-02-09 jenkins-botMerge "Add clearWatchedItems to WatchedItemStore"
2018-02-09 jenkins-botMerge "Avoid pointless DB_MASTER connections in User...
2018-02-09 addshoreUse WatchedItemStore clearing in SpecialEditWatchlist
2018-02-09 addshoreAdd clearWatchedItems to WatchedItemStore
2018-02-09 Aaron SchulzAvoid pointless DB_MASTER connections in User::clearSha...
2018-02-09 Kunal MehtaAdd a few more @covers to ParserIntegrationTest
2018-02-09 Aaron SchulzCatch Error exceptions in MediaWiki::run()
2018-02-09 Brad JorschFix CommentStore->createComment() call in LocalFile.php
2018-02-09 jenkins-botMerge "rdbms: make DOMAIN_ANY ignore bogus MySQL DB...
2018-02-09 Translation... Localisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
2018-02-09 Aaron Schulzrdbms: make DOMAIN_ANY ignore bogus MySQL DB names...
2018-02-09 Aaron SchulzRefactor Skin::buildSidebar() code style
2018-02-08 Bartosz Dziewońskijquery.textSelection: Add 'replaceSelection' method
2018-02-08 jenkins-botMerge "Make it possible to not propagate errors to...
2018-02-08 jenkins-botMerge "Fix sessionfailure i18n message during authentic...
2018-02-08 jenkins-botMerge "jquery.textSelection: Implement 'encapsulateSele...
2018-02-08 Gergő TiszaMake it possible to not propagate errors to PHP
2018-02-08 jenkins-botMerge "Update mediawiki/at-ease"
2018-02-08 jenkins-botMerge "ApiFormatBase: Encode filenames in Content-Dispo...
2018-02-08 jenkins-botMerge "Add @covers tags for parser tests"
2018-02-08 jenkins-botMerge "Fix phpdoc description of RevisionStore::insertR...
2018-02-08 jenkins-botMerge "DI for CommentStore in RevisionStore"
2018-02-08 jenkins-botMerge "Remove unused code from LegacyHookPreAuthenticat...
2018-02-08 Thiemo MättigFix some broken @var comments and add missing uses
2018-02-08 addshoreFix phpdoc description of RevisionStore::insertRevisionOn
2018-02-08 addshoreDI for CommentStore in RevisionStore
2018-02-08 Thiemo MättigRemove unused code from LegacyHookPreAuthenticationProvider
2018-02-08 jenkins-botMerge "rdbms: apply minimum sanity timeout for all...
2018-02-08 jenkins-botMerge "objectcache: remove unused constant and expand...
2018-02-08 Kunal MehtaAdd @covers tags for parser tests
2018-02-08 jenkins-botMerge "Revert legend when results are grouped"
2018-02-08 Aaron Schulzobjectcache: remove unused constant and expand on a...
2018-02-07 jenkins-botMerge "Drop XCache support"
2018-02-07 jenkins-botMerge "Fix for warning in ForeignAPIFile when no thumbn...
2018-02-07 Chad HorohoeDrop XCache support
2018-02-07 Translation... Localisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
2018-02-07 Brad JorschApiFormatBase: Encode filenames in Content-Disposition
2018-02-07 Bartosz Dziewońskijquery.textSelection: Implement 'encapsulateSelection...
2018-02-07 Bartosz Dziewońskijquery.textSelection: Remove incorrect browser hack...
2018-02-07 Bartosz Dziewońskijquery.textSelection: Remove unnecessary checks
2018-02-07 jenkins-botMerge "rdbms: remove obsolete getReplicaPos() code"
2018-02-07 Brion VibberFix for warning in ForeignAPIFile when no thumbnails
2018-02-07 jenkins-botMerge "Add @covers for BlockLevelPass"
2018-02-07 jenkins-botMerge "jquery.textSelection: Rewrite 'scrollToCaretPosi...
2018-02-07 ReedyUpdate mediawiki/at-ease
2018-02-07 MarcoAurelioAdd support for Kumyk (kum)
2018-02-07 jenkins-botMerge "Add support from Guianan Creole (gcr)"
2018-02-07 Brad JorschUse new TagMultiselectWidget in ApiSandbox
2018-02-07 Aaron Schulzrdbms: remove obsolete getReplicaPos() code
2018-02-07 Volker EUpdate OOUI to v0.25.2
2018-02-07 Aaron Schulzrdbms: apply minimum sanity timeout for all cases of...
2018-02-06 jenkins-botMerge "MWHttpRequest: Restore ability to pass null...
2018-02-06 Bartosz Dziewońskijquery.textSelection: Rewrite 'scrollToCaretPosition'
2018-02-06 jenkins-botMerge "Hard deprecate UtfNormalUtil"
2018-02-06 Max SemenikHard deprecate UtfNormalUtil
2018-02-06 jenkins-botMerge "jquery.textSelection: Document methods and param...
2018-02-06 petarpetkovicRevert legend when results are grouped
2018-02-06 jenkins-botMerge "jquery.textSelection: Move copyright comments...
2018-02-06 jenkins-botMerge "Fix localization of time in Turkish"
2018-02-06 MarcoAurelioAdd support from Guianan Creole (gcr)