Add @covers tags to parser tests
[lhc/web/wiklou.git] / tests / phpunit / includes / parser / SanitizerTest.php
2017-12-25 Kunal MehtaAdd @covers tags to parser tests
2017-12-14 jenkins-botMerge "Add dropSequence to postgres"
2017-12-09 jenkins-botMerge "Chinese Conversion Table Update 2017-5"
2017-12-08 jenkins-botMerge "Prevent new users from being sent emails"
2017-12-06 jenkins-botMerge "Add missing @throws in Importers"
2017-11-28 jenkins-botMerge "ESLint ecmaVersion setting is not needed if...
2017-11-28 jenkins-botMerge "Add WebAssembly application/wasm MIME type"
2017-11-21 jenkins-botMerge "Sanitizer::safeEncodeAttribute(): also encode ]"
2017-11-21 jenkins-botMerge "Add unit tests for Html helper methods and chang...
2017-11-21 jenkins-botMerge "Display MAX_CHARS / MAX_BYTES in ApiSandbox"
2017-11-21 jenkins-botMerge "Add string length limits"
2017-11-17 jenkins-botMerge "Expose string->bool conversion as function"
2017-11-16 jenkins-botMerge "Preferences: Improve visual appearance by “unbox...
2017-11-16 jenkins-botMerge "Cleanup, removed space"
2017-11-16 jenkins-botMerge "Use Remex in Sanitizer::stripAllTags()"
2017-11-16 jenkins-botMerge "Hide empty OOUI FieldsetLayout headers"
2017-11-16 jenkins-botMerge "Move Sanitizer.php to includes/parser/"
2017-11-16 Roan KattouwUse Remex in Sanitizer::stripAllTags()
2017-11-15 Roan KattouwMove Sanitizer.php to includes/parser/