resources: Collapse all jQuery UI modules into one deprecated mega-module
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2019-10-08 Dan DuvallInclude REL1_34 submodules and default settings
2017-09-08 Kunal MehtaRevert "Creating new WMF 1.30.0-wmf.17 branch"
2017-09-07 MaxSemMerge "ApiQueryLinks: Remove index forcing"
2017-09-07 jenkins-botMerge "Bump ACW"
2017-09-07 jenkins-botMerge "Branch ArticleCreationWorkflow" into wmf/1.30...
2017-09-07 Max SemenikBranch ArticleCreationWorkflow
2017-09-05 Chad HorohoeCreating new WMF 1.30.0-wmf.17 branch
2017-05-25 jenkins-botMerge "Revert "Creating new WMF 1.30.0-wmf.2 branch""
2017-05-25 jenkins-botMerge "Add kbp language code"
2017-05-25 Timo TijhofRevert "Creating new WMF 1.30.0-wmf.2 branch"
2017-05-25 jenkins-botMerge "Fix version of DonationInterface deployed to...
2017-05-23 Tyler CiprianiCreating new WMF 1.30.0-wmf.2 branch
2013-04-29 ReedyRevert "Creating new WMF 1.22wmf3 branch"
2013-04-29 ReedyCreating new WMF 1.22wmf3 branch
2013-03-04 ReedyRevert "Creating new WMF 1.21wmf11 branch"
2013-03-04 ReedyCreating new WMF 1.21wmf11 branch
2012-12-11 Chad HorohoeUndoing more of my branching mistake, delete submodules...
2012-12-10 ReedyMerge "StartProfiler.php shouldn't be under version...
2012-12-10 Chad HorohoeCreating new WMF 1.21wmf6 branch
2012-05-16 ReedyRevert "Added RandomRootPage extension ( bug 16655 )"
2012-05-16 ReedyAdded RandomRootPage extension ( bug 16655 )
2012-05-01 ReedyMerge "Localisation updates from"
2012-04-30 CatropeRevert "Creating new WMF 1.20wmf2 branch"
2012-04-30 CatropeMerge "Revert "Forward port of
2012-04-30 CatropeMerge "Commit of various live hacks"
2012-04-30 ReedyCreating new WMF 1.20wmf2 branch