Trigger name changes
[lhc/web/wiklou.git] / maintenance / oracle / user.sql
1 -- defines must comply with ^define\s*([^\s=]*)\s*=\s?'\{\$([^\}]*)\}';
2 define wiki_user='{$wgDBuser}';
3 define wiki_pass='{$wgDBpassword}';
4 define def_ts='{$_OracleDefTS}';
5 define temp_ts='{$_OracleTempTS}';
7 create user &wiki_user. identified by &wiki_pass. default tablespace &def_ts. temporary tablespace &temp_ts. quota unlimited on &def_ts.;
8 grant connect, resource to &wiki_user.;
9 grant alter session to &wiki_user.;
10 grant ctxapp to &wiki_user.;
11 grant execute on ctx_ddl to &wiki_user.;
12 grant create view to &wiki_user.;
13 grant create synonym to &wiki_user.;
14 grant create table to &wiki_user.;
15 grant create sequence to &wiki_user.;
16 grant create trigger to &wiki_user.;
17 grant create type to &wiki_user.;
18 grant create procedure to &wiki_user.;