2020-06-24 ReedyBump and prep 1.34.2 1.34.2
2020-06-24 Tim StarlingSECURITY: Fix accidental public CC headers in img_auth.php
2020-06-23 ReedyBring RELEASE-NOTES up to date
2020-06-23 Daimona Eaytoybuild: Bump mediawiki-phan-config to 0.8.0
2020-06-04 Brad JorschSpecialContributions: Use PoolCounter to limit concurrency
2020-06-01 hmonroy[SECURITY] Password Reset Updates
2020-05-28 GeoffreyT2000Update the change_tag table in rebuildrecentchanges.php
2020-05-28 GeoffreyT2000Set rc_patrolled to 2 for autopatrolled changes in...
2020-05-28 Brad JorschcleanupUsersWithNoId.php: Handle missing fields
2020-05-26 Reedy[registration] Remove type of string from Hooks in...
2020-05-26 Tim StarlingBackport docs/extension.schema.v2.json fixes
2020-05-18 ReedyFixup some SELECT * usages in sqlite schema patches
2020-05-17 ReedyUpdate PostgreSQL supported version in docs/database...
2020-05-17 ReedyRemove rotten docs/php-memcached docs
2020-05-12 Kunal Mehtaregistration: Fix upgradeExtensionJsonSchema to remove...
2020-05-12 Timo Tijhofresourceloader: Let wgResourceLoaderMaxQueryLength...
2020-04-30 C. Scott AnanianWork around change in SimpleXMLElement behavior introdu...
2020-04-27 jenkins-botMerge "MultiHttpClient: Also fallover to non-curl if...
2020-04-27 James D. ForresterMultiHttpClient: Also fallover to non-curl if curl_mult...
2020-04-20 suecarmolOptimize email sending on password reset
2020-04-20 Sam WilsonClean up unused $displayPassword return value
2020-04-11 Dejan SavuljeskuUpdate git submodules
2020-03-26 ReedyStart 1.34.2
2020-03-26 ReedyBump and prep 1.34.1 1.34.1
2020-03-26 sbassettSECURITY: Better controls for logout interface buttons
2020-03-26 Bartosz DziewońskiSECURITY: jquery.makeCollapsible: Escape user-generated...
2020-03-26 Bartosz DziewońskiSECURITY: UserGroupMembership: Fix HTML escaping in...
2020-03-24 ReedyAdd one more to RELEASE-NOTES
2020-03-18 Timo Tijhofbuild: Merge doc linting into 'npm test'
2020-03-16 Brad JorschAPI: Fix fetching login token from action=query&meta...
2020-03-12 ReedyUpdate RELEASE-NOTES-1.34
2020-03-09 Ammar AbdulhamidAdd check for page existence
2020-03-09 ReedyFix output of RecountCategories::doWork()
2020-03-02 ReedyThe PHP Group stopped supporting 7.1 in late 2019
2020-02-25 OstrzycielupdateCollation.php: fix PHP error
2020-02-25 Timo TijhofProvide MW_VERSION and soft-deprecate global $wgVersion
2020-02-13 C. Scott AnanianUse proper SemVer comparison in CheckComposerLockUpToDate
2020-02-13 Martin UrbanecUpdate git submodules
2020-02-12 Roan Kattouwmediawiki.language: Rename languageData back to languag...
2020-02-10 Dejan SavuljeskuUpdate git submodules
2020-01-28 Thiemo KreuzUpdate git submodules
2019-12-27 jenkins-botMerge "Follow up 9ef34a2f1d0: fix NewPagesPager "hide...
2019-12-23 PaladoxRemove space from strings
2019-12-23 DannyS712Follow up 9ef34a2f1d0: fix NewPagesPager "hide register...
2019-12-23 Brad JorschUser: Allow newSystemUser() to create over anonymous...
2019-12-23 ReedyDon't redefine MW_ENTRY_POINT in thumb.php if already...
2019-12-20 danielUser: better error message when getActorId fails.
2019-12-19 ReedyStart 1.34.1
2019-12-19 ReedyBump and prep 1.34.0 1.34.0
2019-12-19 James D. ForresterRELEASE-NOTES-1.34: Add note for T212067 backport
2019-12-17 Brad JorschTests for an old PHP bug in parse_url
2019-12-17 ReedyUpdate RELEASE-NOTES
2019-12-17 Thiemo Kreuzmedia: Log and fail gracefully on invalid EXIF coordinates
2019-12-17 DannyS712NewPagesPager: Fix namespace query conditions
2019-12-10 sbassettrdbms: Log debug message traces as 'exception.trace...
2019-12-09 Amir SarabadaniSECURITY: Do not allow user scripts on Special:Password...
2019-12-05 PaladoxReplace deprecated lSize with lLen
2019-12-05 Brad JorschApiEditPage: Test for bad redirect targets
2019-12-04 ReedyUpdate RELEASE-NOTES-1.34
2019-12-04 Moritz Schubotz... Mimic CURLOPT_POST in GuzzleHttpRequest
2019-12-02 lens0021Mark options as requiring parameters in addSite.php
2019-12-02 PaladoxAvoid using deprecated phpredis::delete() alias
2019-12-01 danielLocalisationCache: Don't instantiate ResourceLoader
2019-12-01 PaladoxFix support for HTTP/2 in MultiHttpClient
2019-12-01 RazeSoldierMake sure DBLoadBalancerFactory service is not disabled
2019-11-26 ReedyUpdate RELEASE-NOTES-1.34 for backports
2019-11-26 ReedyFix ''
2019-11-18 danielSet MCR migration stage to SCHEMA_COMPAT_NEW.
2019-11-18 danielWikiExporter: Remove unnecessary check for SCHEMA_COMPA...
2019-11-09 zoranzoki21Update git submodules
2019-11-06 Timo TijhofStorage: SqlBlobStore no longer needs Language object
2019-11-06 Brad JorschAdd $wgDiffEngine
2019-11-05 ReedyAdd section for changes after 1.34.0-rc.1
2019-11-05 ReedyBump $wgVersion 1.34.0-rc.1 1.34.0-rc.1
2019-11-05 ReedyUpdate RELEASE-NOTES
2019-11-04 C. Scott AnanianHard deprecate Parser::disableCache()
2019-11-04 ReedyUpdate git submodules
2019-11-04 mszabo-wikiaDo not insert page titles into querycache.qc_value
2019-11-01 Brad JorschParamValidator: Flag as unstable for 1.34
2019-11-01 Yaron KorenFix for ArticleRevisionViewCustom hook in DifferenceEng...
2019-11-01 DannyS712Hard deprecate `$wgSysopEmailBans`
2019-10-31 jenkins-botMerge "Disable $wgServer autodetection to prevent cache...
2019-10-30 Kunal MehtaDisable $wgServer autodetection to prevent cache poison...
2019-10-30 jenkins-botMerge "Parser: Hard deprecate getConverterLanguage...
2019-10-30 C. Scott AnanianDeprecate additional public methods of Parser
2019-10-30 C. Scott AnanianDeprecate Parser::replaceLinkHolders / replaceLinkHolde...
2019-10-30 C. Scott AnanianDeprecate Parser::splitWhitespace() / Parser::createAss...
2019-10-30 C. Scott AnanianDeprecate Parser::areSubpagesAllowed() / Parser::maybeD...
2019-10-29 C. Scott AnanianDeprecate Parser implementation methods (will be privat...
2019-10-28 FomafixParser: Hard deprecate getConverterLanguage
2019-10-25 Timo TijhofAdd release notes for discontinuation of IE6/7 support
2019-10-23 ReedyUpdate git submodules
2019-10-23 Dejan SavuljeskuUpdate git submodules
2019-10-20 jenkins-botMerge "resources: Collapse all jQuery UI modules into...
2019-10-20 Daimona EaytoyFix docs for GetUserBlock hooks
2019-10-19 James D. Forresterresources: Collapse all jQuery UI modules into one...
2019-10-18 Ammar AbdulhamidDeprecate 'jquery.tabIndex' module
2019-10-18 ReedyUpdate RELEASE-NOTES-1.34 for various backports
2019-10-18 C. Scott AnanianDeprecate setting Parser::mTitle to null
2019-10-18 FomafixRevert "Parser: Add Title type hints"